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Vacation Lane Group by William R Cumming

Chinese Governmental Official Website
  1. collected video database
  2. Leiden University Crisis Research Centre
  3. Louisiana State University Stephenson Disaster Management Institute
  4. Harbin Institute of Technology
  Colleagues in Leiden
  1. Frank M. Häge: EU studies
  2. Dimiter D. Toshkov: EU studies
  3. Hendrik Wagenaar: Urban Studies
  4. Hilman Latief: Islam Studies
Organization studies resources
  1. Keith's Organizational Theory WebSite Prototype
  2. Center for European Studies, University of Oslo
  3. Summarization for institution school
  4. 911.gov
 Disaster or Crisis Research Project

Disaster Research Funds
  1. WBI scholarship
Chinese Crisis and Disaster Research Centre
  1. Marine Disaster Reduction Branch Centre, CDR, CAS
  2. 中国政法大学危机管理研究中心
China political science and public administration
  1. 政治学研究与方法
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  1. Homeland Security Watch
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  1. The Network of Excellence CONNEX ("Connecting Excellence on European Governance")
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